Olea prima omnium arborum est
The word "oil", which has different equivalents in many languages ​​today, derives from the word "eleia", which means olive tree in Ancient Greece.
There are no plants throughout history that are as important as olives and find a place in all scriptures, legends of creation and establishment; be regarded as the symbol of abundance, justice, health, pride, victory, prosperity, wisdom, mind, purification and rebirth, in short, the most important virtues and values ​​for humanity.
According to the belief, the white pigeon sent by Noah returns with an olive branch in his mouth to see if the world life is in order. This turn was accepted as proof that peace and peace have come; From that day on, the olive tree and olive branch were remembered as symbols of peace.
With our Olivo Collection, which puts the olive branch at the center of its designs, we wish you healthier, fertile and peaceful tables for you.

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