According to legend, playing cards appeared in China in the 8th century, and were brought to Europe by Marco Polo in the 13th century. It is believed that 4 different groups in the deck represent 4 seasons and 13 cards belonging to each group represent the weeks of that season.

KUPA, whose element is water, evolved from the depiction of the shield to the heart. Love is interpreted as friendship and family. The MATCH is a figure based on a depiction of a commonly used spearhead in 14th-century France and symbolizes the army. Its element is air.

KARO depicts the tiles of Commercial Marine Enterprises located in France of the period. It is also considered as career, money and travel. Its element is soil.

The element of FLY in the shape of a clover leaf is fire, it symbolizes business life and working life.

Due to its commitment to the concept of time and time, it is thought that the purpose of playing cards is to see the future rather than playing. We prepared the Suerte collection based on these beliefs. Playing card patterns

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